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Our Mission Is To Fulfill Your Dreams As we know, Japan is one of the developed and prosperous countries in the world. Its natural beauty, rich and diverse culture and life style have really fascinated people round the globe. Moreover, its technological breakthrough and educational advancement have created curiosity and attraction to the people all over the world. In this regard, Nepal and Nepalese cannot remain aloof from the influence of Japan. As a result, Japan has become a popular destination for abroad study among Nepalese Students and career seekers.

Multi Achieve Education Academy is registered with office of the company registrar, Industry Ministry and Education Ministry, Government of Nepal and complaint with the standards for education consultancy association. These standards support our responsibility and commitment to quality service.

Without the knowledge of Japanese language the life of Japan is almost impossible so that we don’t compromise in language. We give first priority to Japanese language also.Our strong point is 90% of our team members are Japan experience holder. So, we don’t only teach Japanese language, but also teach them about Japanese culture, rules and regulations etc. Best Reasons to Learn Japanese

  •  Japan has the second largest economy in the world.
  •  Knowing Japanese language brings business and employment opportunities.
  • Japan is a culturally and technologically rich nation and we can experience.
  • You will be the part of world class education.



私たちが知っている通り日本は豊かで先進国です。その自然の美しさ、豊かさ、様々な文化とライフスタイルは世界中の人々を魅了されています。更に日本の技術や進化した教育システムに世界中から注目が集まっています。 その結果、ネパールの学生にも留学先として日本が主流になっています。 


このようにネパール政府の法律に基づいて 責任を持ち、高品質な教育を提供しております。 



  •   日本は世界第2位の経済力を持っています。
  •   日本語力があればビジネスチャンスをもたらします。
  •   日本は文化や 技術的に豊かな国であります。
  •   国際基準の教育を得る事が出来ます。

What We Do?

We will provide help and support for following services.

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The Japanese Language NAT-TEST is an examination that measures the Japanese language ability of stud

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The JLPT places importance not only on (1) knowledge of Japanese-language vocabulary and grammar but

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Japanese Langauge

Japan has been main attraction in the global arena because of its rapid progress in economy and adva

Student Voice

Some of the student who have put trust on Multi Achieve Education Academy.

"I am very thankful to Multi Achieve for guiding me a proper pathway to determine my future career.."

"The dedication, motivation and counseling of staffs were remarkable. The staffs helped me achieve my."

"The way how the councelor explain was 5/5....so clear to choose my pathway. & I recommend all to giv."

"Some Student who achieves their higher position on Japan and make us proud."

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